As a a free association between professors of economics and finance from the European Union and the Russian Federation, EuRun-BIS promotes research and dissemination of studies of finance, banking and insurance, as well as the cooperation between the academies of both regions.

The network's activities are aimed at the exchange of views and debate on scientific issues of common interest, the organization of seminars and conferences, and dissemination of information on the activities of the institutions they belong the individual members.


The image of the association is promoted through this web site, where they are made ​​available for discussion the provisional results of the research conducted by the members and their pre -prints .

EuRun also promotes the launch of cooperation agreements (e.g. Erasmus programmes) as well as students and teaching/staff mobility between the institutions the associates come from.


Particularly, the Parties agree to carry out cooperatively the following activities:

-   joint and collaborative research;

-  to organize joint conferences, seminars, courses for qualification, summer schools, and cognitive excursions by providing access to the information facilities of Parties;

-  to promote mobility of academic staff members between the academic institutions they belong to;

-  encouraging mobility of graduate, undergraduate, and doctoral students between member institutions, according to bilateral plans which shall specify the number of students, procedures and financial conditions, as well as possible grants.

-  exchange of information, materials and research publications in those fields which are of interest to Parties;

-  to publish scientific articles in respective academic journals of each Party;

-  to favour jointly taking part in the European Union funded programmes and other international projects;

-  encouraging the development of joint/double degree programmes or other post-graduate activities between involved academic institutions.


EuRun-BIS is also intended to launch in the medium term a peer-reviewed scientific journal in the field of interest of the members, and it will consider the possibility to offer the sponsorship of the volumes published by the members, by authorizing (free of charge) the use of the mark "EuRun-BIS", at the same time encouraging the publication of any relevant scientific contribution.

EuRun logo and name are the property of the association, as well as is a registered web domain.